Weight Loss

Do you eat too quickly? Are you always the first to finish?

Do you feel that they are trying to fill a gap in your life, perhaps loneliness or lack of love...

Do you treat food as a reward?

Do you lack motivation?

Do you want to look younger?

Do you want more confidence?

Do you want to be healthier?

Do you want to feel good about yourself?


Diets just deal with the food side of things but as you probably now realise, this has a lot to do with other issues and food is just a part of the whole picture. If you are seriously interested in using hypnotherapy to lose weight, the psychological root cause of the weight gain needs to be identified and addressed first; this is the difference that will allow you to lose weight with hypnosis successfully. When I meet clients for the first time at the initial consultation, they quite often tell me that they eat out of boredom or comfort. Whilst this could be partially true, when in hypnosis, a greater insight is gained into why food plays such an important part in their life and the psychological issues that are uncovered can then be addressed to change that person's attitude towards food. So lets tackle this growing problem of emotional eating and subsequent obesity. 

Let's get real about what lose weight hypnosis can and cannot do for you. 

So many people believe that they can get hypnotized to lose weight - WITHOUT having to change any aspect of their own behaviour. They want to eat anything and everything, in large quantities and never leave the sofa, and through a lose weight hypnosis program, their bodies will miraculously transform. 

Seriously. That is precisely how some people expect to lose weight with hypnosis. Lose weight hypnosis is very, very effective. But it is not magic. 

If you take my Weight Loss Sessions, you are more likely to train your mind to leave food on your plate, realizing you do not need to eat all the food you have taken -- no magic required. Just real solutions that will last a lifetime. 

Most weight issues are rooted in past experiences and associations that people don't remember. Losing weight with hypnosis is really the easiest (and perhaps only) way to uncover and change food habits created out of emotional needs.

Often just being aware of & understanding your behaviours is enough to completely reshape your life and body. But mostly you still have to break the bad habits which tend to have a life of their own - even after the reason they were created, no longer exists. 

Hypnosis is great for controlling habits, building self-esteem , changing food preferences, resolving past traumas, increasing motivation, and helping you develop a pleasurable feeling toward exercise and physical activity. 

Hypnosis can also give you tools for dealing with stress - a major factor in weight gain, belly fat in particular - and stress-related behaviours. 

From the first session, your confidence and self-esteem will increase, as you begin to establish wonderful new habits and attitudes towards food and yourself. You will discover a way of eating and responding to the needs of your body which work for you, creating your own rules. You will incorporate, these new and simple ways to responding to the needs of your mind and body, allowing your body to naturally begin to lose weight. 

With my Weight Loss Sessions, I will make you personalised MP3’s to help you deal with whatever issues are holding you back with your weight loss, be it sugar addiction, stress or emotional issues. Whatever it may be, the sessions are personalised for you. 

I will give you the tools and they will be immediately available to you, no matter where you are, I will teach you how to use your mind with hypnosis!