Don't just take my word for how I can help. I'd like to thank the clients below who have taken the time to write about how they have benefited from our work together.  

If we have worked together and you feel you have benefitted then let me know - I love to hear your feedback.

Spider Phobia

I’ve really struggled throughout my adult life with crippling arachnophobia. Couldn’t even know a spider was in a room without crying and being a general mess. One session and I can now take one outside in a cup. Why didn’t I see her sooner?! Thank you so much!

Lauren - 2/8/18


Virtual Gastric Band

I had the gastric band hypnotherapy with Jeanette at the beginning of June. I've now completed all of the sessions and believe the difference it has made to my life. In the last 7 weeks I have lost 38lbs. It feels amazing to be that much lighter. I think you really need to want it to work and believe in yourself. I feel it has given me my willpower back. After my first session, I felt so happy within myself. I felt completely relaxed and Jeanette is very good listener so anything I found a bit hard, she would sort it for me, like when I felt stressed and wanted to eat, she made me feel so relaxed. I have done a lot of weight loss programmes and this has been the easiest by far. It feels quite strange to start with. Like it's not like me as I would normally eat everything but I am making healthy choices without even thinking about it. I think it is so worth it for the difference it has made. Thank you so much Jeanette. Your amazing!

Lavinia 24/7/18


Hypnotheray - reason private 

Jeanette is a fantastic lady to work with, she is warm, caring and understanding.
She has changed my life for the better with her hypnotherapy services.
I’d recommend her to anyone, give her a try, it’s not like you see on the TV!
Super relaxing and excellent results!

Jim - 21/7/18


Virtual Gastric Band

I have recently undergone a programme of hypnosis to help me control my eating. I can’t begin to explain the changes that have occurred, it has changed my whole lifestyle. I have a much better relationship with food now. Jeanette is very friendly and understanding and I would definitely recommend her.

Lisa 23/5/18


Virtual Gastric Band

Hi Jeanette, hope you are well.  Thought I'd let you know I have had a great week, listened to my MP3 every night & have lost 4lb this week.  Super chuffed.  Thank you.

Anon 22/5/18


Virtual Gastric Band

Absolutely amazing results from a virtual gastric band which was fitted jeanette is so friendly,welcoming & made me feel at ease
Recommend 100% .

Leanne 30/4/18


Virtual Gastric Band

I recently have had the above treatment. I have had 3 sessions now and have had no cravings. I eat 3 small meals a day, I have an apple or banana for a snack. My booze intake is virtually nil. I can honestly say Jeanette has helped me. Thank you.

Justine 12/4/18



I visited Jeanette for the first time for a hypnotherapy session to help me stop smoking.I have been smoking for 46yrs. she made you feel welcome and very comfortable.after 1 session I felt amazing I havn't even thought of having a cigarette.infact when I smell it on other people it makes me feel nausea.i'm so happy that I made this move.wish I had done it years ago.i have already recommended my family and friends to Jeanette she is amazing.never thought for one minute that I would be able to stop.thankyou once again.

Kaye 12/4/18



Thank you Jeanette for your hypnotherapy session today.
I’m pleasantly surprised how positive I feel after the session. I feel free from stress, negative thoughts & my back feels more relaxed & pain free.
I was sceptical before I went about hypnotherapy... But it’s nothing like I thought it would be like.
I’d recommend any one to try it.
I found it very relaxing. Thanks again.

Ian 4/4/18



Simply amazing! Having suffered with severe anxiety for most of my life I didn't think I would ever be able to rid myself of the dreadful mental and physical reactions that come with it, I have tried a number of therapies over the years but one sessions with Jeanette has made the world of difference. With just one session and with immediate effect the results are incomprehensible, I feel completely different, my physical reactions are completely different and I feel calmer and more at peace with myself for which I am eternally grateful. Jeanette is very calm, warm, caring and understanding and you don't even need to go in to great detail about history so there is absolutely nothing to feel uncomfortable about. I can't recommend anyone or anything more highly, I wish I had found her years ago!

Shelley 15/3/18



Well i have to say i was very skeptical about this but very please to say i was proved wrong!!!
Would definitely recommend using jeanette!!!

Kerry 12/3/18



I visited Jeanette and had a hypnotherapy session for the very first time this week. My reasons for trying this therapy are to treat and help me manage chronic pain as a result of long term chronic illness - Crohn’s Disease and Fybromyalgia and also the tension, negative emotions and anxieties that surround this type of illness.
Jeanette has a warm, caring and welcoming personality, so I was immediately very comfortable with her and more importantly, she showed a deep and clear understanding of my condition and how it impacts on my life. The setting is also very comfortable and professional, like Jeanette. I really enjoyed the therapy session and have also enjoyed some very positive results since, including a decrease in the intensity of my pain and the areas where I feel pain, comfortable, restorative and restful sleep for the first time in years, increased energy levels. Mentally, I feel amazing, like a fog has lifted, like I can begin to manage this illness and I understand how. I’m not having to force myself to feel ok, relaxed, positive, happy or confident too, which helps take some of the weight off managing my physical problems.
I am very sensitive to pain medication and anti-depressants and would rather not take them anyway. I respond well to ‘alternative’ therapies and am open minded and willing to try anything to help me manage my illnesses and my wellbeing. That being said, I was unsure how hypnotherapy could help. Now, I know it can help me to manage and would thoroughly recommend Jeanette Turtle Hypnotherapy for people with Crohn’s Disease, Fybromyalgia or chronic pain, anxiety and depression and believe this therapy could actually benefit everyone. Give it a go!!
Thank you so much Jeanette. Looking forward to further sessions in the future.

Vic 2/3/18



Jeanette Turtle is an amazing woman and fantastic therapist x she has eased my anxiety and helped me feel much more positive . Looking forward to further sessions. Thankyou Jeanette x

Barbara 28/2/18