IBS - A Healthy Brain/Gut Relationship Programme

At any one time, IBS affects around 10-20% of people living in the UK. The gut-brain connection is very real and you cannot try to help a distressed gut without considering the role of stress and emotion. And there are clinical proofs that gut directed hypnotherapy improves IBS related quality of life!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) consists of a number of symptoms. The most common symptoms of IBS are abdominal pain and abnormal bowel habits. Many patients with IBS get crampy abdominal discomfort or pain, which comes and goes, and fluctuates with bowel function (typically easing after the bowel action).

Among patients about 40% of people have mild IBS, 35% moderate IBS, and 25% severe IBS.

The gut-brain connection is very real. It can link anxiety to stomach problems and vice versa. The gastrointestinal tract is sensitive to emotion. Anger, anxiety, sadness, elation — all of these feelings (and others) can trigger symptoms in the gut.
The brain has a direct effect on the stomach and intestines. For example, the very thought of eating can release the stomach's juices before food gets there. This connection goes both ways. A troubled intestine can send signals to the brain, just as a troubled brain can send signals to the gut. Therefore, a person's stomach or intestinal distress can be the cause or the product of anxiety, stress, or depression. That's because the brain and the gastrointestinal (GI) system are intimately connected.

Here at jeanette Turtle Hypnotherapy, I can help you reduce and even overcome your symptoms of IBS the natural way, by helping you to release underlying stress and anxiety and by returning your body to its natural and ideal state, where your immune system is working far more efficiently and effectively.

The process will also leave you feeling calmer, more relaxed and significantly more confident in your ability to reduce and control your symptoms in the future, so you can start living the life you deserve.

Relaxation techniques including self-hypnosis and guided imagery are very effective ways at re-setting the body/gut to the optimal para-sympathetic side of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

Learn how to take control of your gut with powerful self-hypnosis. Learning to reduce stress and anxiety greatly improves IBS conditions, as well as looking through your diet and lifestyle, assessing any changes that need to be made.

By working with a clients unconscious mind, or more specifically their belief system, memory and imagination, Clinical Hypnotherapy techniques can often bring around profound and even permanent gut and digestive changes within your body if practised regularly, helping you to live and be symptom free from IBS.

The Programme aims to significantly reduce both the symptoms and frequency of attacks, and focuses on:

Bringing an awareness of any specific food triggers.

Making targeted suggestions on gut activity, as well as suggests of general relaxation.

Calming the digestive tract and preventing unnecessary focus on discomfort in the body.

Addressing the “miscommunication” between the brain and gut, producing a therapeutic effect. Providing clients with a healthy coping strategy.



The Programme consists of 3 one-hour sessions, personalised to you as an individual You will also receive a support recording that you should listen to every day.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the effects of therapy may differ for different clients. No therapy can give you a 100% guarantee of a cure. I do not diagnose IBS - only a medical doctor can do this. A medical doctor may arrange blood tests to rule out other conditions that cause similar symptoms, such as an infection or coeliac disease.