4 Week GROUP Virtual Gastric Band

Group Virtual Gastric Band Sessions 

Imagine 4 weeks of personal coaching, hypnosis and emotional release with your friends.

Remove foods from your diet, change your thinking so you make healthier food choices and a lifestyle that gets you to your ideal physical shape, size and weight.

Tap into the power of your mind & deal with the emotions that are eating you. With this 4 week program you will not only eat smaller portions of food, you will also identify, shift & release negative emotions associated with your excess weight

You will experience hypnosis and the installation of a Virtual Gastric Band around your stomach making it the size of a golf ball. You will eat more slowly and consciously allowing your mind to receive the message that you are full and satisfied. You will be provided with MP3's for in between sessions. 



If you would like to join this programme as part of a group pre-booking it is essential that you can all commit to the same dates and times for all of your 4 sessions.  

Group of 2 - £180 each 

Group of 3 - £135 each

Please Note: the effectiveness of the virtual gastric band depends on your own personal determination to succeed and your abilities to relax during the visualisations. Always consult your health care provider /GP with regards to health matters. If you are currently on any medications, please seek your GPs advice beforehand.